Top 10+ Best Water Ionizers To Purchase for Home in 2023 – Reviews & Guide

If you’re looking for one of the best water ionizers in 2023, then you’ve landed on the right resource. Yeah, here we’ve compiled a list of more than 15 ionizers doing quite well in people’s water processing jobs.

As we all know, you need to drink lots of water to live a healthy life. However, with the quality of the water, it does not seem to be that great anymore. That is why you need the best ionizer in the home to add more alkaline and give it an acidic taste. So which one should you buy? We are here to help with the water ionizer reviews available here.

Before you head out and buy just anyone, read the following guide.

So here is my list of The Best Water Ionizers in 2023

Table of Contents

Image Product Rating Price
Alkaline Ionized Water Ionizer Machine Alkaline Ionized Water Ionizer Machine


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Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Water Ionizer Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Water Ionizer


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IonTech IT-750 Compact Under Sink Alkaline Water Ionizer InTech IT-750 Compact Under-Sink Alkaline Water Ionizer


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Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water Ionizer Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water Ionizer


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Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine


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IntelGadgets, IonTech, Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine IntelGadgets, InTech, Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine


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Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine


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M9 Next Gen. Countertop Water Ionizer M9 Next Gen. Countertop Water Ionizer


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Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine - Drinking Water Filtration System Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine – Drinking Water Filtration System


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Tyent UCE 11 Under Counter Water Ionizer Tyent UCE 11 Under Counter Water Ionizer


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AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine AG7.0, Home Water Filtration System, Produces PH 3.5-10.5 Alkaline Water, 7 Water Settings, up to -570mV ORP, 8000L, Silver

The AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine AG7.0 balances your drinking water and offers a suitable pH level. Consuming such balanced water will boost your immunity, and as a result, your overall health will be improved. This Water Ionizer offers seven healthy water options. 4 modes are for iconic alkaline water with non-iodized filtered water, and two additional modes are for iconic acidic water. 

AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine AG7.0, Home Water Filtration System

This water ionizer uses advanced electroplate technology to remove harmful elements from the water. There are five pieces of Titanium along with Platinum coating plates given to do so. It makes this device durable as well as energy-efficient. The manufacturer offers an in-built Active Carbon Water Filter. 

Users should remember that the AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine AG7.0 won’t work efficiently with well water. Hence if you have well as the source of your drinking water, this device might not be suitable for your drinking water filtration. The manufacturer offers a one-year hassle-free warranty.

Main Features:

  • Immunity Booster
  • 7 Water Options for your choice
  • Durable and lasts longer
  • Energy Efficient to save electricity
  • Active Carbon Water Filter for better filtration
  • Filters Out Contaminants from water
  • Colorful LCD Display for quick info
  • Easy Installation
Why Should You Buy It?
  • Ideal for Daily Drinking
  • 7 Water Options
  • Advanced Electroplate Technology
  • In-Built Active Carbon Water Filter
  • Durable and Energy Efficient
Why Not Buy
  • None

Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine | Hydrogen Infused Water | Water Purifier | Countertop Water Filter | Natural Water Ionizer | PH Water, Loaded with Antioxidants | Home Water Filter

The Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine offers better water filtration and gives you the ideal pH for your drinking water. The anti-oxidants are also at a higher level which will maintain your daily health. It is a naturally working water filtration system affordable for most people. There is a simple valve to perform operations such as ON and OFF. Hence anyone can easily operate it regularly. It comes with a diverter valve. 

Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine | Hydrogen Infused Water | Water Purifier | Countertop Water Filter | Natural Water Ionizer | PH Water, Loaded with Antioxidants | Home Water Filter

Installing the Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine is also quite easier. The manufacturer offers an installation guide. You can take reference from the guide and also take a look at some of the Easy to install videos. Users should keep in mind that the system requires to be attached to the water supply; hence you will need to place it accordingly. 

The Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine can remove almost 99.9% of water contaminants and offers safe and healthier water. You can use filtered water for drinking, cooking, coffee making, and more of your regular applications. The manufacturer offers a quick change of cartridge and a ¼ turn-locking design in the device. 

Main Features:

  • Easy Installation
  • Mineral Ionization
  • Better Filtration
  • Simple Installation
  • On-Off Valve Operation
  • Affordable
  • Ideal pH for Body
  • ¼ Turn Locking Design
  • No Electricity Required
Why Should You Buy It?
  • Affordable and Easy to Use
  • No Electricity Needed
  • Removes 99.9% of Contaminants
  • Healthier and Natural Tasting Water
  • No Wastage of Water
Why Not Buy
  • None

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe – People’s Choice

Drinking alkaline waters benefits your health, so why not get the Deluxe 5.0 water ionizer from Aqua? Similar to the previous model, this one has five plates coated with platinum. The water pH ranges from 4.5 to 11. The Oxidation-Reduction Potential Ranges are -600 to +600 and are affordable to buy.

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Water Ionizer 7 Water Settings - best water ionizer for home
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Water Ionizer 7 Water Settings Home Alkaline Water Filtration System

The appliance has seven settings offering you versatility and has a self-cleaning function. The feature helps prolong the water filter lifespan of 4000 liters before it needs replacing. The carbon filter removes chlorine and other harmful impurities in the water.

Furthermore, it also depends on the type of water you use, and being able to adjust the pH level makes it one of the best buys on the list.

Main Features:

  • ETL Listed, FDA Approved, and RoHS Certified
  • It has seven pH level settings
  • Made with four alkaline ionized modes
  • Further, it comes with one non-ionized and two ionized uses
  • It has a carbon filter included that filters up to 4000 liters
  • It comes with a self-cleaning function
  • The pH levels range from 4.5 to 11, and the ORP range is -600 to +600

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Priced affordably
  • It comes with a self-cleaning function to prolong the filter
  • Made with a durable carbon filtration cartridge that is quick to replace
  • Offers you anti-inflammatory benefits
  • It provides more oxygen to the blood
  • The filter only needs changing yearly and depends on the water use

Why Not Buy

  • You need to descale the machine monthly or quarterly, depending on the water hardness

IntelGadgets IONtech – Best Ionizer for Home Use

Do you want to change the pH level of the water you drink? You will love the IONtech 757 model! The ionizer is going to be a life-changer in the home. Depending on your preferences, you can adjust the levels between 4.5 and 11 and customize the antioxidant value.

IONTech IT-750 Under Sink Alkaline Water Ionizer - best water ionizer for the money
IONTech IT-750 Under Sink Alkaline Water Ionizer and Filtration System

The unit is equipped with platinum titanium electrolysis plates and comes with a color LCD with seven available pH levels. After every cycle, it does a self-cleaning process to improve the machine’s longevity — Furthermore, the apparatus is equipped with an ion membrane filter made from BPA-free material.

On the other hand, you get impressive power with the 850 volts available, which gives remarkable results. You can enjoy drinking alkalized and purified water at the same time.

Main Features:

  • You get all the parts to make the installation hassle-free
  • It comes with a pre-installed filter and pH Testing Kit
  • You get a two-year warranty
  • The unit fits under the sink and comes with a countertop faucet with a 2-inch outer diameter and a ⅜-inch inner diameter.
  • Easy to operate with the seven-color LCD and has a self-cleaning function
  • It comes with an auto-cleaning alarm
  • Comprise huge platinum-titanium plates
  • There are six pH levels, four alkaline levels, one acidic range, and one pure filtered water level.
  • The display shines blue for alkaline and red for acidic water
  • The pH level is between 4.5 to 11, and the ORP is -850mv
  • It comes with an activated carbon filter and needs replacing after filtering through 12,000 liters of water
  • Include ISO, SGS, and CE Certification

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Offers you a high-quality performance
  • Excellent features
  • Different pH levels
  • It has a self-cleaning function
  • Huge LCD with blue light for alkaline and red for acidic water
  • Include a filtration system to remove regular contaminants found in city water

Why Not Buy

  • A bit expensive for some users

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 – One of The Best Ionizers For Drinking Water

The Aqua Deluxe 7.0 has a similar design to the 5.0 model and provides the same performance to improve the pH levels of the water you drink. You get up to seven health benefits using the machine to enhance your cooking, beverages, drinking, cleaning, cosmetics, healthier purified water, and certification.

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water Ionizer Alkaline Water Filtration System
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water Ionizer Alkaline Water Filtration System

The product is ETL-listed and FDA-approved for you to use in the comfort of your home. Furthermore, it is RoHS certified as well, and ISO factory tested. In the air-water life, you get everything needed to install the device in the bathroom, kitchen, and more.

The constructions are stylish, and the included guide is intuitive and easy to follow with the diagrams. You can adjust the pH levels depending on your needs and cover a wide selection of ionic plates. The appliance is small and compact to place anywhere in a dorm room, apartment, office, or home.

You get seven settings, including two acidic presets, one non-ionized cleaner, and four alkaline continuously functional modes. The plates comprise platinum and titanium that are durable and energy-efficient simultaneously.

Main Features:

  • It comes with a five-year warranty
  • Produces a pH between 4 to 11
  • The ORP is from -800 to +1000
  • It comes with an activated carbon filter you need to replace after filtering through 4,000 liters of water.
  • An LCD to get full control over the performance of the machine

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Fantastic customer service
  • Installs quickly
  • The installation guides intuitive
  • Reasonably priced
  • Include a filtration system to remove contaminants and adds alkaline back into the water

Why Not Buy

  • None Noted

Air Water Life Deluxe 9.0 – Premium Pick

The Aqua remains a popular water ionizer, and the Deluxe 9 is no different from the other two reviewed here. The pH levels range from 3 to 11.5 and offer optimal ORP. Furthermore, it comes with a carbon filter that filters through up to 4000 liters before it needs replacing.

Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 - best water ionizer in the world
Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Best Home Alkaline Water Filtration System

You can enjoy drinking ionized and purified water simultaneously as the filtration system removes all harmful contaminants. Further, you get seven settings to select your preferred acidic level to do chores around the home. Alternatively, it is possible with the device if you need a higher alkaline level for cooking or drinking water.

The biggest problem with the unit is it is not power-efficient and bulky. The ionizer comprises nine plates to yield a better ORP. Another helpful feature is the automatic cleaning function when the device switches off. With the trait, you save a lot on maintenance costs.

One more benefit is you will only need to change the filter once a year.

Main Features:

  • The product is ETL-listed, FDA Approved, RoHS Certified, and ISO test
  • It has nine plates available with an auto-clean function
  • Equipped with an active carbon filter to remove impurities in the water
  • Produces 3 to 11.5 alkaline water levels
  • The ORP is between -860 to +1000
  • The filtration cartridge lasts up to a year or 4000 liters filtered before it needs to be replaced.
  • It has seven different levels of settings and is color-coded on the LCD
  • Five-year Warranty

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Offers a wide selection of pH modes
  • Affordable
  • Excellent construction
  • Auto clean function
  • It has a long-lasting filtration cartridge
  • Easy to install and replace the filter

Why Not Buy

  • Not made for small spaces

Also Read:-

Life Ionizer XML-9

The Life Ionizer is a top performer, and you control the pH levels using the seven buttons available. You are updated on how the machine performs at all times with the LCD screen. Furthermore, using the units provides you with the desired water delivered from the tap.

Life Ionizer MXL-9 Counter Top - best water ionizers to buy in 2020
Life Ionizer MXL-9 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer

You can place it on the countertop or hide it under the sink. The pH range is 2 to 11.5, and all is made possible with the nine platinum-titanium plates. More impressive is the matrix grid technology that automatically aligns the plates. Installing the appliance is a breeze with the instructions, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Main Features:

  • Made with platinum-titanium grid plates for a higher level of electrons
  • The ORP range is -800, and the pH range is 2 to 11.5
  • It has a sleek and stylish construction to place on the countertop
  • Include all the needed hardware to install
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • More efficient with the XL Power SMPS
  • It has a one-click filter and micro-membrane with ultraviolet XL to remove contaminants.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Powerful water ionizer
  • Excellent construction
  • Ionize and purifies water
  • Stylish and sleek
  • Looks great on a countertop

Why Not Buy

  • Expensive

Healthy Wiser Water Ionizer

You can look at the Healthy Wiser water ionizer for a more innovative, healthier living style. The water purifier does it all and has a one-touch screen selection. The electrodes are platinum and titanium coated, and you get nine water levels. There is a large LCD screen, and it is equipped with dual filters to remove impurities in the water.

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine - best water ionizers reviews
Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine – Drinking Water Filtration System With 9 Plates

For changing the filters, it comes with a sliding door to make things simpler. Being one of the best water ionizers, it is voice automated and has an auto-cleaning system. There are nine plates, and the hose connections are stainless steel. 400 programmable pH and ORP levels range from 3 to 11.5.

You can use it on the countertop or under the sink.

Main Features:

  • Comprise two filters for purifying water
  • Has auto filter indication system
  • Made with nine titanium-platinum plates and a stainless steel hose
  • Large-to-read LCD with touch sensors, voice automated, and automatic cleaning system
  • Different levels of pH and ORP with a pH range from 3 to 11.50
  • You can utilize it under the sink or on the countertop
  • Comprise a sliding door to replace the filters

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Programmable
  • Versatile to use on the counter or under the cabinet
  • Dual filters
  • Easy filter replacement with the sliding door
  • Huge LCD screen
  • Can prompt changes using your voice
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Made with touch sensors

Why Not Buy

  • Very expensive

Tyent UCE Water Ionizer

For the best water ionizer, the Tyent is one of the best. You can pick between nine or eleven platinum-titanium plates with impressive 750-watt power. The under-counter design makes it versatile to use and takes up little space. You can also buy it in a countertop model as well.

Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer - best budget water ionizers
Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer – Next Generation – Healthy Anti-Oxidant Ionized Water

Included, you get a unique faucet replacing your standard one, and once set up, the only hardware noticed is the dispenser. The display is fully touch screen and similar to using your Smartphone. The shows are color-coded, making it easier to use and select the different settings available.

Furthermore, it comes with audio output and a multilingual voice-guided. There are two many filters to remove contaminants in the water. Alternatively, it comes with a forever guarantee.

Main Features:

  • Made with eleven platinum-titanium plates
  • It has a dual filtration system to remove different contaminants
  • Comprise an under-counter design
  • It comes with a forever warranty
  • The materials used to construct the device are BPA-free and Lead-free
  • The product is FDA-approved and UL-listed for safety
  • It has a fast flow rate, audio output, voice-guided, touchscreen display, and color-coded

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Setting up the water ionizer is easy
  • It offers an impressive pH range
  • Powerful and stylish
  • Intuitive touch screen
  • Dual filtration system

Why Not Buy

  • High priced

Other Water Ionizers

While the water ionizers reviewed are the best available for you to buy, we have selected some other models you may also find interesting to use.

Invigorated Water Glass Water Pitcher

The Invigorated Water is a glass carafe made with a premium filter to provide alkaline water that is clean to drink with a fantastic taste. The filtration system gives you pH on the go, provides improved pH levels with negative ORP, and eliminates heavy metals in the water.

pH REPLENISH Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher - best water ionizers 2020
pH REPLENISH Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher – Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher by Invigorated Water

You can use the pitcher at home or in the office with the large capacity and filter through 105 gallons of water before replacing the filtration cartridge. You get a re-sealable waterproof pouch to take it with you anywhere. Furthermore, the container provides excellent use, from drinking clean water to making infused water.

Main Features

  • It has a tremendous portable design to use anywhere and is made of glass
  • The pH restore pitcher is the best alternative to using an ionizer machine
  • You can use it to make well-balanced water, infused water & tea, and other herbal concoctions
  • Include a multi-stage alkaline water filter
  • The filter bag lasts up to 105 gallons and should last 53 days
  • You get a 100% money-back guarantee on the glass container

Seychelle pH20 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Here is another water pitcher that uses ionic adsorption microfiltration to purify water for you to drink. The filtration system removes bad taste, odor, chlorine, chemicals, and inorganic impurities and enhances the pH up to 9.5.

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher - pH Enhancing Filtration
Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher – pH Enhancing Filtration

The filter adds essential minerals to the water and meets the USA standards. The constructions are sleek and user-friendly, offering up to an eight-cup use and storage.

Main Features

  • It provides a 64-ounce capacity that is eight cups and perfect for any family to use
  • It has a sleek design to fit in any refrigerator
  • Made and tested in the USA
  • The filter enhances the pH up to 9.5 for healthier water to drink
  • Filters out organic and inorganic contaminants

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Davidlee Hydrogen-Rich Water Bottle

For those on the go, you need the authentic Davidlee Hydrogen-Rich water bottle that works with most drinking water. The bottle has an independent base with a convert joint for mineral water bottles.

Davidlee Hydrogen-Rich Generator Water Bottle PEM Technology Ionizer High Concentration Discharge Ozone and chlorine
Davidlee Hydrogen-Rich Generator Water Bottle PEM Technology Ionizer High Concentration Discharge Ozone and chlorine

The construction is lightweight and portable to take anywhere. You can also install the mineral water bottle directly on the host base to always make hydrogen-rich water. The container is equipped with an ion-exchange membrane to remove impurities and comes with a one-click electrolysis mode with blue light.

Main Features

  • It comes with an independent base with a convert joint to use with mineral water bottles
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comprise an ion-exchange membrane to remove impurities
  • It has one electrolysis mode with blue light and also a three-minute electrolytic method

Bawell Alkaline Ionized Water Machine – Editor’s Pick

For a top brand in water ionizers, you can look at the Bawell to deliver excellent performance functions. The appliance has an affordable price and is dependable to use. The constructions are fantastic and comprise five plates with six pH settings. With the settings, you get an excellent overall performance to decide the pH level.

Alkaline Ionized - best water ionizer machine
Alkaline Ionized Water Ionizer Machine

There are three alkaline settings with a neutral pH mode and two acidic water settings. The pH range is 3.2 – 10 and is available in different Oxidation-Reduction Potential Ranges. The enormous color display makes it easier to see the various settings available.

Furthermore, it uses color coding, allowing you to learn the settings more quickly. Further, the screen also displays the filter life and other vital information. The filtration cartridge lasts up to 6000 liters and allows you to replace it yearly.

Main Features:

  • You get a limited lifetime warranty
  • The pH range is 3.2 to 10, and the ORP ranges between +600 to -420
  • Made with five plates
  • Connects directly to the kitchen faucet with the two-way adapter included
  • It has a giant LCD screen with valuable information, and all the modes are color-coded
  • The flow rate is one gallon every 90-seconds
  • The plates are titanium platinum coated
  • Equipped with a water filter lasting up to 6000 liters, the unit notifies you when it needs a change.
  • It comes with a compartment to store your minerals and vitamins
  • Comprise self-cleaning function offering you a low maintenance cost

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Functional with all the different settings available
  • The filter cartridge has an impressive lifespan
  • It sets up quickly and comes with the hardware included
  • Priced right
  • Excellent flow rate
  • The LCD is effortless to read and understand

Why Not Buy

  • None noted, as all consumers only have positive things to say

Intel Gadgets IONtech IT-580 – All Round Performer

With the IONtech IT-580 water ionizer machine, you get a two-year warranty, free shipping, and a pH test, depending on where you live. The pH value ranges from 4.5 to 11, and the ORP range is -850mv. The device comprises five platinum-titanium electrolysis plates with an ION membrane and active carbon fiber filter.

NEW Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine with Filter IONtech IT-580 by IntelGadgets
NEW Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine with Filter IONtech IT-580 by IntelGadgets

As it’s one of the best water ionizers on the market, it has a ten-second automatic cleaning function after cycling through the water. Once the appliance reaches 50 liters, it automatically cleans the chamber to provide protection and improve the service life. The apparatus is quick to install and takes up little space with its compact construction.

Main Features:

  • The pH value is 4.5 to 11
  • The ORP value is -850mv
  • Made with five platinum-titanium plates
  • Comprise a ceramic ION membrane with an activated carbon fiber filter
  • It has an automatic ten-second cleansing function
  • Equipped with seven different levels of water pH with a soft control button panel
  • Two-year Warranty

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Made with a durable construction
  • You can set it up in the kitchen, bathroom, and more
  • Compact and installs easily
  • You get all the mounting connections included
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Built-in filtration system to remove impurities

Why Not Buy

  • Poor manual
  • Some missing parts

Bawell Platinum Water Ionizer Machine – Best Budget Pick

Here is another countertop water ionizer from Bawell, the Platinum edition. You get a wide selection of installation modes and deliver a high performance to add alkaline to the water and make it clean to use and drink. The apparatus has seven platinum-titanium plates and generates a pH of 2 to 12 with an ORP of +600 to -800.

Bawell Platinum Alkaline - best water ionizer on the market
Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

You get two gallons of water per minute with the 180-watt SMPS power, which is suitable for most homes. Compared to the other cheaper models on the list, this one does not come with a color display but still shows you the vital information needed.

Three-color code modes make things simpler when selecting the five pre-programmed settings.

Main Features:

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Provides a pH range of 2 to 12 and an ORP of +600 to -800
  • It has a two-stage water filtration system
  • The filter cartridge needs changing every 5000 liters
  • Attaches to the tap or water line below the sink
  • The minimum water pressure required is 20 lbs per square inch

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Ionize and purifies water at the same time
  • Sleek and functional to use on the counter or under the sink
  • Made with a long-lasting filtration system
  • Simple to install
  • Improves your health

Why Not Buy

  • Expensive
  • It does not have a color LCD

Vigorous Water Alkaline Pitcher

Enjoy great-tasting water at your desk with the Vigorous Water alkaline pitcher. With the carafe, you can upgrade your water and life as it comes with a fine particle filter with an activated carbon filtration system.

Vigorous Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer-Included Alkaline Water Filter
Vigorous Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer-Included Alkaline Water Filter

This one of the best water ionizers also has an ion exchange resin to prevent limescale buildup and allows your body to absorb more water. The constructions are BPA-free and made of ABS materials. You get the water pitcher with a filter and a VIP club card with a satisfaction guarantee.

Main Features

  • You can enjoy drinking naturally purified water with the alkaline and activated carbon filter
  • The pitcher helps eliminate radicals and toxins to create the correct pH level and high negative oxidation-reduction potential
  • Water is instantly purified and clean to drink
  • Made with ABS material that is BPA-free and has a unique slim design to fit in any refrigerator
  • It fills quickly with the lid without removing it
  • It has a pour spout and handles for comfort
  • It comes with an alkaline water filter cartridge and a satisfaction guarantee with a one-year replacement.

Best Water Ionizers On The Market – Buying Guide

Here are the complete process and buying guide for selecting one of the best water ionizers. We’ve also explained ionizer maintenance and usage aspects in this guide. So, let’s explore what it has to offer to you.

How to Maintain a Water Ionizer

Now that you have seen the different water ionizers available and decided on a specific model, it is time to learn how to keep it clean and maintained. While most models have a self-cleaning function, you sometimes must take matters into your own hands and thoroughly clean them.

How does the machine work?

When you look at the water ionizer, it seems like a complicated machine to use. The unit connects with the kitchen water supply and helps to regulate the low voltage electrolysis on the water before you use it for cooking or cleaning. The water moves through the device, and you get ionized water once it passes through.

The critical thing to remember is that the equipment does not add anything else to the water but converts bicarbonate minerals into hydrate materials. By doing this, your body quickly absorbs the minerals in the water. Two streams of water come out when the water passes through the machine.

The first one is the acidic one, and the other is the alkaline one. Alkaline has many benefits and is healthy to use for cooking and drinking. The plates in the ionizer separate the magnesium and calcium from the bicarbonates in the tap water.

What makes it such a complex machine is that one product’s specs differ from another.

Three Important Factors to Consider While Buying an Ionizer

  • pH Range – as the apparatus changes the water’s pH level by producing alkaline, aka ionized water, you need to check the specs before buying any brand. If the pH levels are one, then the water is very acidic. While a 14-pH level is very alkaline, a pH level of 7 is neutral. As you will see later in the reviews, some of these machines provide a significant pH range making them flexible. The critical thing to remember is that a model with a low pH level is suitable for cleaning, while alkaline water is suitable for handling and drinking daily.
  • The number of plates is essential and determines how well the unit works. So always, make sure what material is used to comprise these plates. Furthermore, the higher the number of platused, the better the ionizer works. Some affordable models come with five leaves, while expensive ones can have up to eleven plates.
  • The Oxidation-Reduction Potential Range – The ORP shows you what the machine can oxidize and diminish the oxidation level in your body. The lower the value, the healthier the water is to drink.
  • Built-in Water Filter – most of these machines come with a water filter, and the best one to choose is the one that provides consistent water pressure.

Other Features of Best Water Ionizers

While the above features are essential, you can consider other traits as well:

  • How secure is the installation process? You do not want to stand in the kitchen and think I should have called a specialist to get the job done. In most cases, the mounting of the machine is simple, especially with countertop models. However, things can change if you get an under-sink model and become trickier.
  • Does the product have a warranty? You do not want to end up with a faulty product and not be able to return or have it fixed in months to come.

Benefits of Drinking Ionized Water

When using or drinking ionized water, abundant hydrated minerals provide the potential antioxidants the body needs. In most cases, the water tastes better than water out of the tap and benefits your skin.

There are so many benefits that you are going to get if you are drinking ionized water rather than drinking regular water. You must know that the ionized water will have more pH scale value than the normal water. So you will not have to worry about anything at all if you are going to drink ionized water.

The only thing you will have to know about ionized water is that it is healthier than regular water. Your body will improve health when you drink ionized water regularly.

However, with the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, many believe the machine does not remove all impurities in the water. Here you can consider buying a model with an advanced water filter to help.

When do you need to clean your water ionizer?

Here are some signs to help you determine if your machine needs a deep cleaning cycle to keep it maintained for years:

  • If you live in areas with hard water, the ionizer eventually builds up with calcium or lime and clogs the pipes, tubes, and plates.
  • Depending on your model, the device does not produce a stable negative ORP ranging between -200 to -800. You can determine this by using an ORP meter.
  • You notice fewer hydrogen bubbles as a clean appliance produces alkaline ionized water containing thousands of hydrogen bubbles.
  • The water tastes unusual compared to using it the first time.
  • There is no water flow, or it starts to slow down, and it can even happen with a model working with automated cleaning.
  • The pH levels begin to drop, and you can test it using a pH test kit.
  • The machine shuts off during the process of producing acidic and alkaline water.

What and What not to do with Your Water Ionizer:

Safety is an important feature when it comes to using your water ionizer.

What you need to do:

  • Make sure to replace the filters as per the instructions, ranging from six to twelve months. Always flush the new filter for up to five minutes before placing it in the unit.
  • Do regular cleaning maintenance using a cartridge or recommended filter to remove bacteria and mold buildup in machine parts?
  • Clean and wipe off the exterior of the water ionizer at least once a week with a soft, damp cloth.

What not to do:

  • Never clean your machine without following the correct protocol described in the manual.
  • Even if the unit has a self-cleaning system, you must follow through with the manual cleaning process and ensure you do it entirely, not halfway. By doing it, half will not remove the bacteria or mold buildup present in the system.
  • Never use household cleaners on the exterior or interior of the appliance, as it can damage it.

Steps in how to deep clean your water ionizer:

  • The first step is to remove the water ionizer filter; if you have two filtration cartridges, it will be the second one.
  • Place the citric acid cleaning cartridge in its place; they are sometimes refillable.
  • Use the clean water setting for up to five minutes, but the mode can have a different name is specific. You need to use a method that provides a neutral pH balance.
  • If you have a countertop model, place the ends in a container, and continue running it long enough so that both the hoses are submerged in the water.
  • Leave the ionizer for up to three hours without using it. For the countertop, models remove the tubes from the bowl and place them back in the correct positions.
  • Now remove the cleaning cartridge and put back the standard one.
  • Press the clean water mode for another five minutes to flush the system and remove the cleaning solution.
  • Take a pH tester to test the levels and repeat the process if needed.

We hope the universal guidelines help to keep your water ionizer maintained. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions if available for the best cleaning results. Do you reside in an area with hard water? We recommend you follow the cleaning methods at least twice a year. Furthermore, you can always flush the unit using citric acid and vinegar.

More about Ionizers:

So what is ionized water? The simplest term is that the water is transferred through a machine and moves through titanium and platinum plates to exchange ions with the water.

The result is water with a higher alkaline pH level. Furthermore, the unit also purifies the water at the same time. Another term for ionized water is alkaline water, as the device adds the substance artificially.

Another term for it is electrolyzed reduced water. This is because the process diminishes harmful bodily outcomes caused by oxidation.

What is the difference between Alkaline and Regular Water?

The difference lies in the elements, as the water tastes sweeter. The alkaline level differs from regular water and comprises minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and more.

According to The Annals of Otology, drinking water with a pH of 8.8 can help relieve the symptoms of acid reflux. The test they did use bottled and alkaline water resulting in the analysis results above. When you drink water out of the tap, it has a neutral pH level of only seven on a scale from 1 – 14. Therefore, ionized water comes with loads of electrons, making the water alive.

Now that you know the significant difference between alkaline and regular water, it is inevitable that you are going to choose the alkaline water to drink. But to do that, you will have to buy the best alkaline water ionizer, and we have covered it for you. The only thing that you will have to do is read our list of various products that we did mention above. You will have to choose the best suitable alkaline water ionizer and buy it without thinking more.

So many concerns you may have about ionized water and whether it is okay to drink water. We all are conscious of our health and wealth. So here is your answer Drinking ionized water is good for your body. Also, it will have several benefits which are very good for health.
In addition, ionized water provides you with minerals and pure water that are needed for us.
Moreover, Drinking a gallon of water is beneficial for our bodies—every research has proven that ionized water is pure and 100% safe to use daily. Inoized water cures our kidney problems as well. So here we would like to say that we can drink ionized water daily.
Which Water Ionizer Do You Want?

We hope you found the best water ionizer on the list to use in your home with us. Furthermore, we expect the buyer’s guide helped you make an educated choice.

While the benefits of using an ionized water machine still need further investigation, you can still enjoy healthier drinking water as the appliance does more than add alkaline back into the water. With one of these machines, you can get water that is clean and free from contaminants at the same time.

We are sure you will now have all the essential information about water ionizers. You can find the best water ionizers in our list of the best ones. So you will only have to go through every product we mentioned in our inventory. Then you should choose the best suitable water ionizer and buy it.

Please comment below on which water ionizer you will buy from our list so that we can know if this article was helpful to you or not.

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