Tier1 High-Efficiency Digital Water Softener Review

Tier1 High-Efficiency Digital Water Softener Review

Do you want to alleviate problems caused due to hard water? The Tier1 Series 165 Water Softener can help you with all of these concerns. The digital water softener gets the job done and is worth every cent spent on it. You can benefit from less dry skin, soft hair, clean dishes and so much more.

The Build of the Tier 1 High-Efficiency Digital Water Softener

Here we have another unit constructed in the USA, and it is available in two color selections—blue and black. Compared to the Fleck 5600SXT the Tier1 is a highly efficient improved unit with LCD and exclusive valve head for convenience.

Tier1 48,000 Grain High Efficiency Digital Water Softener for Hard Water
Tier 1 48,000 Grain High Efficiency Digital Water Softener for Hard Water

With the digital meter valve, you can control the water pressure and flow rate. The 48,000-grain capacity might not be ideal to use in a big household.

Main Features

  • Comes with a digital meter control valve with LCD monitoring
  • Designed as a complete home system that includes a mineral tank, brine tank, valve with adapter, and bypass
  • Made with a space-saving construction and the mineral tank measures 10 x 54-inches with the brine tank measuring 14 x 42-inches
  • The filter has a life use of up to 120 days
  • Works with salt and you will need to fill it up with up to five bags
  • All installation hardware is included, and it has a ¾ -inch FPT fitting size
  • You get an excellent guarantee
  • The digital display offers you the freedom to program it with your family size and water hardness to determine the regeneration cycle

Key Features of the Valve Head:

  • The valve is reliable and offers easy use and precise readings
  • The cycle times are fully adjustable
  • Comes with a bypass valve with quick connections for installation and maintenance
  • The LCD shows all the essential information
  • Designed with a manual index to cycle position

The mineral tank measures 10 x 54 inches and comes pre-loaded with 1.5 cubic feet of resin. Therefore, there is no need for you to load it with adhesive. Furthermore, during your set-up, you can input the water hardness and the size of your family to determine the regeneration cycle.

Alternatively, the manufacturer recommends you add an iron filter if the iron levels are above 3 ppm. One more important thing is the unit is demand initiated, and the valve uses a water use probe.

What Does the Water Softener Remove?

We all know having hard water running from the taps is not our best friend. With the equipment, it takes care of two components to remove hardness in water. One is calcium phosphate, and the other is magnesium. An added benefit is it does not remove the valuable mineral needed to keep the body functioning well.

Another advantage of using Tier 1 is it removes limescale buildup inside plumbing and other fixtures. You will notice your hair is shiny and silky. Softer water makes the skin supple, and it leaves your dishes & glassware clear. Your laundry looks brighter, the colors vibrant, and makes cleaning appliances easier.

A fact is you will save money on using soap, and it protects your appliances and plumbing lessening fixing costs. So make sure to check the hard water softener out and say goodbye to all the problems in the home.

What Can You Expect Using the Tier 1?

As mentioned previously it will save you money, as you do not need to replace showerheads and fixtures as often. The unit removes hardness in water making it softer and preventing limescale from taking over your plumbing.  An added benefit is you have full control over the cycle times. You can program the regeneration cycles by selecting a specific period or use it according to the amount of water used.

However, what do the grains of hardness mean in this water softener? It means that the unit can process 46,000 grains of hardness before it starts with regeneration. Conversely, it also depends on how large your family and water are. Furthermore, the restoration takes up to two hours, and the 130L brine tank with grid works with salt. You can expect to use up to five packs of salt at a time.

The filter life is 120 months, has an operating pressure of 20-125, and has a flow rate of 11.2. As it is, digital one would expect it to notify you when it is time to add salt, but unfortunately, it does not come with an indicator light.

What Is In The Box?

Once unpacking the water softener system, you will notice there are a brine tank, mineral tank, and valve with bypass. You will see that the resin tank has a temporary shipping cap with a master O-Ring that you need to remove. You receive all the installation components included. The connector type is FPT, and ¾ -inch in size. The unit has a space-saving design and is narrow and tall to fit into tight spots. You can install the unit outdoors but make sure the temperature does not drop below freezing.

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Why Should You Buy It?

  • Has a space-saving design and fits into tight spots
  • Works effectively to remove calcium, ferrous, magnesium, hard scale, and more
  • You can install it indoors or outdoors but need to check that it does not freeze
  • The kit comprises everything needed to make the installation easier
  • You get full control over the regeneration cycle

Why Not Buy

Customer Feedback

According to most users, Tier 1 is similar to the Fleck model. One consumer said that the bypass assembly is smaller and more compact. Even the programming of the systems is simplified. What many users would have liked to have is more detailed programming such as reserve capacity management and control of the resin cycle.

Water Filter Technologies

Another thing is the instructions do not explain certain parts of the installation well. According to one person, attaching the 1-inch adapter with the included red clips is difficult, and you need to press hard to get them connected.

While there are minor complaints, the overall use of the systems is good. You get about 2500 gallons of soft water depending on the household use. One more fantastic thing all consumers love is that it does not use a lot of salt.

Final Thoughts

The Tier1 water softener is a system that will help to remove chemicals from the water making it softer. You can only benefit from it as it makes your skin softer and less dry. Further, it improves the quality of water for washing dishes and clothes. On the other hand, it saves you costs in repairing plumbing with limescale buildup. With everything you get included and the price, it is one of the best hard water softener systems available on the market.

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