Reshape Water Alkaline Water Pitcher With 2 Long-Lasting Filters Review

Reshape Water Alkaline Water Pitcher With 2 Long-Lasting Filters Review:

Drinking unpolluted water is a necessity more than a desire. With the increase in pollution, getting access to clean water becomes a challenge.

We are not saying there are no places providing you with clean water from the faucet, but with all the substances added to it to make it clean leave it tasteless with a foul taste in the mouth.

For this reason, you need the Reshape water filter pitcher to provide you with alkaline water to drink in five minutes. You get a water decanter made with a quality filtration system that is safe to use.

Reshape Water Alkaline Water Pitcher With 2 Long-Lasting Filters—Ranked a 2019 Best Water Filter Pitcher by Family
Reshape Water Alkaline Water Pitcher With 2 Long-Lasting Filters—Ranked a 2019 Best Water Filter Pitcher by Family

However, is this all the water pitcher with a filter can proffer? To find out read our full review that follows here—you will be amazed at what it offers.

Reshape Water Alkaline Water Pitcher With 2 Long-Lasting Filters Design

With the Reshape pitcher, you get two filter cartridges included to provide you with long-lasting filtration. The entire filtering system is effective to remove different contaminants and will even remove fluoride. The construction is ABS plastic to handle rough treatment now and again.

The products approved by the FDA are safe to use and all the parts are recyclable. The water filter capacity is 0.65 gallons and provides a water flow rate of five minutes. Filling up the water reservoir takes less than 15 minutes compared to other models.

Main Features

When you look at the prime functions offered with the Reshape water filter pitcher you can see you are getting the best water filter system in a water decanter.

  • The filter cartridges last up to two months or 79-gallons filtered
  • The filtration cartridge and pitcher have a BPA-free construction and SGS Certified
  • You can expect to drink water that is free of chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and VOCs
  • Furthermore, you get to drink alkalized water as it raises the pH levels and puts back essential minerals removed
  • Has a sleek design to fit into the fridge door and is easy to clean
  • Comes with a six-stage deluxe filter system and includes ion exchange resin, activated carbon, FIR balls, and negative potential particles
  • The water filter capacity is 0.65-gallons and has a water flow rate of five minutes
  • On the lid is a digital time-keeping track of the water filter counting down from 60-days to 0

The design is superb as you can pour water without spilling and fits inside a standard fridge door. Included in the jug is one filter that does more than remove chlorine only. In the kit, you get everything you need to set it up, and comprise four pieces.

You get the lid, one filter, the reservoir, and the pitcher. The cover comes with a digital timer on top and counts from 60 days to 0. The feature is great to have and reminds you when to replace the filter cartridge. The lifespan of the filter is 75 days with a regular filter use of 79 gallons.

The filter cartridge screws into the bottom of the water tank and prevents contamination from leaking down to the clean water. Included you get two replacement filters to last you a while.

What to Expect Using the Reshape Pitcher

With the filter cartridge in the water pitcher, you can expect it to remove most contaminants found in the water. The filtration system will lower the pH level and make the water softer. The additional step of adding minerals makes the water healthy to drink.

The filters can filter up to 79 gallons of water depending on the contaminated water. Furthermore, the filter cartridge is SGS Certified and will not need extra filters to remove certain impurities. The filtration system is complex and works with an activated carbon filter an ion exchange filter and FIR balls.

As the water runs through the reservoir, the first filter it encounters is the ion exchange resin filled with salt ions. The filter removes calcium and magnesium while releasing sodium ions back into the water. The process helps soften the water and moves through to the activated carbon one.

During this stage, various impurities are removed and have a lower concentration of heavy metals, viruses, and bacteria present. When the liquid reaches the 3rd filter, it moves through the FIR balls and softens the water while the 4th filter fills the water with negative probable particles.

The process makes the water act as an antioxidant to flush toxins from the body. The filters can last up to two months but depending on the quality of the water and usage.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Comes with a remineralizing filter to add beneficial minerals back into the water
  • Gives an antioxidant effect to flush toxins out of your system
  • The parts are replaceable and bought separately
  • Has six stages of filtration
  • Made with non-toxic material and FDA approved
  • Provides the correct pH level
  • Removes fluoride as well as other contaminants from the water

Why Not Buy

  • The filter cartridge is difficult to change and becomes tiresome
  • The water starts flowing very slowly when the cartridges need replacing

Customer Feedback

The reviews on the Reshape Water Pitcher are confident with some negative results as expected. The water tastes good when the filter works but does have a slow filtering process according to many users.

Another painstaking problem consumers faced is the lid that keeps popping off when you pour water and messes everywhere. Furthermore, the majority of consumers found the water filter pitcher to work without any trouble.

Summary of the Reshape Water Filter Pitcher

One thing is for sure you will get a sturdily-built water filter pitcher that fits perfectly into any standard refrigerator. The six-stage filtration system removes water contaminants from chlorine to fluoride. The added benefit is it only uses one filter to remove up to 99% of impurities. All the parts have a BPA-free construction guaranteed to meet your hydration needs. The filter cartridge may be tiresome to remove, but you get two extra filters included.

Should You Buy the Reshape Water Pitcher?

If you need a water filter pitcher that removes more than your normal contaminants in tap water—the answer is yes as you can benefit from using the Reshape Water Filter Pitcher. The rating on the product is excellent and with the six-stage filtration, a system with two replacement filters what more can you ask?

You will get up to four months of filtration without the need of buying extra filter cartridges with your purchase. The alkaline water pitcher with a fluoride filter will keep essential minerals intact while removing harmful impurities so enjoy drinking the water.

We hope that our Reshape Water Pitcher Review helps you to make an informed decision about whether these water filters are made for you. However, if you feel you need a different model make sure to check the other reviews available.

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