PUR-LED Water Filtration Pitcher Review

PUR-LED Water Filtration Pitcher Review

When it comes to supplying clean water, the government in most countries tries to do its best by adding chemicals throughout the purification, but it spoils the taste of the water.

This is where water purifiers come in handy and play an essential role in an office or home. So why should you pick the PUR LED water filtration pitcher to provide you with the health benefits of getting clean water to drink?

PUR offers you a solution to solve the problem as it works with MAXION technology to remove harmful impurities that spoil the taste of the water. While PURs faucet filters are popular, their water pitcher comes highly recommended as well.

PUR (CR1100CV3) 11-Cup Classic Water Pitcher Filtration System
PUR (CR1100CV3) 11-Cup Classic Water Pitcher Filtration System

Therefore, you can enjoy drinking tap water in the comfort of your home using this water decanter standing on the countertop.

However, there is more to this water filtration pitcher so stay a bit longer and see what the product can offer you.

Design of the PUR LED Water Pitcher

The PUR LED water decanter has a BPA-free construction and food rated by the FDA. The components in the filter are safe to wash and use again making it environmentally friendly compared to using plastic bottles. The water reservoir holds up to eleven glasses of water or 0.68 gallons.

However, the filtered capacity is 0.5 gallons or eight cups of water. Furthermore, it depends on the household’s water usage as well. You may find you need to refill the pitcher multiple times per day. The design is sleek and takes up little space when stored in the fridge.

Main Features

When you look at the amazing features, you will fall in love with this PUR LED pitcher for all the right reasons:

  • Made with a unique water filter that treats up to 40 gallons of water
  • The water pitcher and filter cartridge are BPA-free and made with food-grade materials
  • FDA Approved and works with MAXION technology to reduce contaminants found in the water
  • Both the decanter and filters are recyclable and safe for the environment
  • Comes with a space-saving design to take up less space when stored in the fridge
  • The water reservoir capacity is 11-glasses of water, and the filtered size is 8-glasses
  • NSF Certified to remove up to 21 contaminants
  • Comprise a thumb-activated lid for refilling, and the pour spout has a cover
  • The filter cartridges can last up to three months depending on the water use
  • Has an electronic LED filter indicator light reminding you to replace the filter cartridges

Alternatively, it is easy to fill and comes with a pour spout and a comfortable handle. What makes the decanter stand out from others in the same price range is it has an effective filtering system that removes chlorine and works magic on lead, mercury, and other impurities in the water.

The filter cartridge used in the systems a removable and made of carbon to remove pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals. The absorption surface of the heat-treated coconut shells is 200,000 square feet. While the filtration is three steps the purifications are excellent.

The water passes through a tight mesh to block large particles and moves into the activated carbon sieve and attaches to the surface. After completing the cycle, it moves further to the ion exchange filter to remove the minerals in the water trapped in the resin beads.

The filtering capacity is 40 gallons, and the cartridges will need frequent changing depending on your water usage. The lifespan can range from four to six weeks.

What to Expect Using the PUR LED Water Pitcher:

First, you will enjoy a great taste as the PUR Classic removes different impurities leaving water delicious to drink. You will have to change the filter cartridge at least every two months to maintain the best results.

What makes the PUR water filter decanter unique is the built-in LED filter-life indicator. With the indication, you can make sure the filtration systems provide you with the cleanest water at all times.

Furthermore, it comes with a comfortable handle with a thumb-activated easy-fill lid providing simplicity. There is also a pour spout cover to prevent particles and odors from entering the water pitcher. The design is a big space saver and fits in most fridge doors and holds up to eight ounces of water.

Adding to the benefits, the filters are also recyclable and make it environmentally friendly for all even nature.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • The water filter removes mercury and pharmaceuticals
  • Non-toxic and made with BPA-free materials that are recyclable
  • Even the filter cartridge is recyclable
  • Provides high-quality water that tastes great
  • Made with LED filter reminder offering simplicity to remember when to change the filter cartridges
  • The filter can last up to 40 gallons of water and is easy to replace
  • Filling the decanters comfortably with the secure fill lid
  • Sleek and Stylish
  • Even removes microbial cysts
  • Reasonably priced

Why Not Buy

  • The filling time is slow and takes up to an hour and will go slower once it reaches the max filtration capacity
  • LED indicator not up to the mark

Customer Feedback

When you read the PUR LED water pitcher reviews, you can see that customers are more than pleased with the item. Consumers found the tap water has no chlorine taste and takes up little space compared to similar filters. Some people found the LED status light effective while others found it did not work effectively.

A noteworthy mention is the multi-color LED is sealed and triggered with an orientation sensor and counts the pours. You will notice the light blinks six times and turns from green to yellow, to red and needs changing. One client mentioned the price is affordable and they have one at work and home.

Another notable mention from one consumer is the top insert fits tight on the container where the water drains causing the plastic to crack.

Summary of the PUR LED 11 Cup Pitcher

To enjoy a cool sip of refreshing water that is healthy the PUR LED water filtration pitcher can help. The filter system removes more than chlorine and heavy metals and eliminates pesticides/pharmaceuticals as well. You get a filter change reminder that works with a sensor to count the pours before needing a replacement.

The designs are sturdy and safe for your whole family and the environment as they are recyclable from the jug to the filters. With the compact construction, you will not have a problem placing it in the fridge door and set on the counter it looks excellent. So if you have a large family, the water reservoir can hold up to eleven glasses of water to filter.

Should You Buy This Water Filter Pitcher?

If you need convenience, a durable design, and an affordable price in water filter pitchers—then the answer is definitely yes. You get a comfortable hold handle with a secure refill lid while the sleek design makes it easy to store. The product is BPA-free, and NSF-certified making it one of the water filters available in a pitcher safe to use.

You only need to activate the lid with your thumb to refill it, and the filter cartridge mounts quickly. The handle provides a good grip and the filters last long and make a great choice to provide you with safe drinking water. The water tanks are large enough to hold up to eleven glasses of water and on the whole the products are not that expensive.

Further, you will not be disappointed with it as it offers user-friendliness providing clean water to make beverages and use for cooking. However, if you need something more to convince you-you can read some of the other water filter pitcher reviews available.

You may find something you like!

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