Morton® System Saver® M30 Grain Water Softener Review

Morton® System Saver® M30 Grain Water Softener Review

Do you have specific water needs that you want to take care of at home? The possibility is that you can benefit from using the Morton System Saver M30 grain water softener to address your requirements. If you have a small family without too much water usage, this purification system is perfect. You can place it anywhere as it does not come with a brine tank and the designs are simple.

Morton System Saver M30 Construction

The M30 grain water softener has a compact 43-inch tall and 17-inch wide structure, and you can save loads of space using the device. However, considering the size, you must remember it does not handle a large GPM water flow. The water flow is about 11 GPM and decent for its size. The capacity of the M30 is 30k grain and regeneration should take place with every 3 gallons of water.

Morton System Saver 30,000 Grain Water Softener
Morton System Saver 30,000 Grain Water Softener

With the electronic technology equipped, it automatically regenerates cycles according to what you add to the system. Using the system is beneficial to make the water softer leaving your dishes spot-free. You will need an eight-hour power interruption backup, and it is NFS Certified.

Main Features

  • The Morton System Savers is automated with a look-ahead function that regenerates water according to your usage. The distiller removes up to eight parts per million ferrous irons.
  • The capacity is 30,000 grains with an 11-gallon per minute water flow and produces 95 grains per gallon of water hardness.
  • You only need to fill it up with a minimum amount of salt to save you loads of money.
  • There is an electronic control system with four buttons on display. You can use the buttons up, recharge, select menu, and down.
  • The product is safety certified for quality, performance, and durability by the NFS making it safe to use at home.
  • You get a 10-year warranty on the tank and one year on the parts.
  • Has a compact size, takes up little floor space, and comes with a bypass valve and connections.
  • Helps remove iron and makes the water softer to save on cleaning products every month.

Furthermore, there are five cycles brine fill, brining, brine rinse, backwash, and fast rinse. The four buttons along the LCD make it simple to use. Alternatively, the unit weighs 95 pounds, and the parts come with a year’s warranty with ten years on the tank.

What Does the M30 Grain Water Softener Remove?

First, you will notice a reduced amount of soap and detergent use. As the water does not have much limescale present, you need a lesser amount of soap to do dishes, and will look spotless. Furthermore, the skin feels softer, and the laundry looks whiter and smells fresher. The water softener helps remove the iron even if it does not have a filter in it. All this happens when you use the correct salt, but you will still experience the chlorine taste present.

What to Expect Using the Water Purification System

You can expect some leaks taking place as the collar clip holding the main valve connected to the resin tank is flimsy. Always make sure you have fastened it tightly for safety and functionality. Furthermore, you can expect the best customer service if you happen to have problems installing the device. You will only need 1.3 sq feet of floor space to fix it in place. On the other hand, the Look Ahead Technology helps to save water, money, and salt.

What Is In The Box?

With the hard water softener, you get a bypass valve built-in to make sure you have water at all times. You may need to buy an extra standard valve to use with a second bypass connection. Users have mentioned that the installation is tricky and best to contact a plumber instead. You can fix it in or outside the home, but make sure it does not freeze up.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Fits most places with the compact design
  • You need no additional components to connect it
  • The unit predicts how much water you will use and regenerates according to the water used
  • Can reduce iron when used with the correct salt
  • Lessens the use of detergents and soap
  • Include a bypass valve to provide you with constant soft water
  • Fantastic customer service

Why Not Buy

  • If you do not install it correctly, it can leak as the collar clips are flimsy
  • Does not have strong water flow and expected as it is not a large unit
  • Can freeze up outside when very cold

Customer Feedback

According to different customers, the M30 grain water softener improves the water for drinking as well. Furthermore, they noticed a big difference in their laundry, dishes, and skin. One more thing is users found they saved costs on cleaning products and repairing appliances with the limescale removed from the water.

Final Thoughts

For one of the best water softeners, nothing comes close to the Morton M30 model. Morton is a top-rated product presently available online. The device has an affordable price with a durable design. For removing limescale, it is perfect and even rids water of iron making it more drinkable. The unit takes up little space and once connected to the water mains you will not be disappointed with what it can do.

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