Lake Industries Water Filter Pitcher Review – Premium Great Tasting Alkaline Water Pitcher with Filter

Lake Industries Water Filter Pitcher Review – Premium Great Tasting Alkaline Water Pitcher with Filter

Water is the driving force of nature, but not all supplies are the same. Some are healthy while others are not. That is why it is crucial to have a clean water supply. Nowadays, more people are using alkaline water as it has medical properties that are healthy for the body.

Tap water has a lower pH level of 7 while soft drinks are 3 and alkaline water ranges from 7 – 14. Drinking soluble water provides the body with essential minerals you need to keep it healthy. The best source of alkaline water is rocks and springs but who can afford to take a trip to get water?

This is where the Lake Industries Water Filter Pitcher can help. The filtration system comprises three filters sold at an affordable price. Compared to electric alkaline water machines the Healthier Living alkaline water pitcher is cheaper.

Premium Great Tasting Alkaline Water Pitcher with Filter - Lake Industries Patented 7 Stage System
Premium Great Tasting Alkaline Water Pitcher with Filter – Lake Industries Patented 7 Stage System

Therefore, if you want to benefit from drinking clean water with all the nutrients in tack, this may be what you are looking for.

Premium Great Tasting Alkaline Water Pitcher with Filter:

The alkaline water decanter from Lake Industries has a 0.66-gallon capacity to meet all your daily water needs. Using the jugs is a breeze and it turns tap water into soluble water with ease. The designs slim and the filter system offer a seven-stage filter cartridge with BPA-free construction.

Not only is it non-toxic the material used to construct from the pitcher to the filter cartridges is FDA approved. Therefore, if you need an environmentally friendly option instead of buying plastic water bottles, this is the one to have. A fact is that drinking alkaline water help boost the immune system and increases energy levels.

Main Features

The Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher from Lake Industries has loads of features to offer you. Here are some of the important ones:

  • The water decanter offers you fresh and instant filtered water with alkaline made possible through the seven-stage filtration system
  • The purification stages are made up of an ION exchange resin filter, mineral balls, carbon, and tourmaline
  • With the filters in the water jug, it removes chlorine, copper, heavy metals, and other contaminants
  • Furthermore, it mineralizes the water to add back the healthy nutrients removed
  • The product provides a pH level of 8.5 – 9.5
  • The ORP is -100mv to -200mv
  • The alkaline water removes the free radicals while eliminating toxins to improve your immune system and boost energy levels
  • Made with premium food-grade material and ABS that is BPA-free and FDA approved
  • The maximum filtration is 40-gallon, and the water capacity is 0.66 gallon
  • Included one cartridge and comes with a sleek design to fit into any fridge without taking up too much space
  • Has an easy-to-fill lid with an easy pour spout and comfortable handle

Now you can get all of this and more in a safe way. As mentioned, it has an active filter that provides you with superior-tasting water. In the cartridge are ion exchange resin, activated carbon, mineral balls, and tourmaline that help purify water. The components remove different contaminants from chlorine, zinc, heavy metals, foul odors, lead, and more.

Once the water passed through the system, it reduces the water molecules in size making it easier to assimilate and providing better hydration. With the sleek construction, it takes up little space in the refrigerator and looks great on the countertop as well.

The top section has a secure fill lid to fill up the reservoir without the need of removing the top. The handle is comfortable to hand even when full and comes with a solid bottom to prevent it from sliding.

What to Expect Using the Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

As mentioned the water pitcher has a Bisphenol A-free construction and delivers fresh, instant filtered water with the seven-stage premium cartridge. Filling the decanter with water is easy without removing the cover and comes with an easy pour spout.

Furthermore, it is made of food grade and ABS materials making it safe to use in the office or home. While the filtration system sounds complicated, the process is simple and similar to other models with four-stage purification classification. Four technologies present block impurities in the water.

The first present is a filter net that blocks large particles from reaching the activated carbon filter. During the first step, it removes sand, dust, rust, and more. The next steps are important as the activated carbon sieve removes chlorine, and metals while the ion-exchange resin filter softens the water.

The filters are infused with sodium resin beads. Once the water reaches the sieve, it removes the calcium and magnesium and prevents limescale buildup. The next screen is the mineral stone one that provides the final step to neutralize the sodium ions, dissolve some minerals, and adds good minerals back into the water.

The maximum filtration capacity is 40 gallons, and you may need to change them every three weeks depending on the water usage. For optimal water flow, you need to remember to remove the sticker at the bottom of the cartridge first. Even changing the filter cartridges is quick.

On average, the Lake Industries Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher maintains a pH level of 8.5 to 9.5 with an ORP of -100mv to -200mv.

Why Should You Buy It?
  • The filter cartridges help increase the pH level of the water and improve the taste of the water
  • The filtration systems cheap to replace and freely available
  • The filters last up to three months
  • Made with non-toxic material
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use and takes up little space in the refrigerator
  • Comes with an easy-pour spout and fills the reservoir

Why Not Buy
  • The lid comes off quickly when used
  • The filter cartridge may need changing every three weeks depending on the water use

Customer Feedback

Reading some of the Lake International Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher Reviews leaves you with the assurance this is a premium water filter. The filtered water has a great taste, and the design is pretty while taking up little space. Consumers found the instructions a bit inconsistent as it differs from the box directions.

Furthermore, the manual also fails to inform you to remove the stickers at the bottom of the filter cartridge. However, customers found the construction durable and should last more than a year. People even went a step further and tested the water from the pitcher with testing strips—the results the pH level remains consistent at 9+.

Summary of the Water Filter Pitcher

Currently, the Lake Industries Alkaline Water Pitcher comes highly recommended by different users. The products are affordable and will help purify the water with the correct pH levels to consume. You can enjoy clean drinking water without bad odors or taste. Further, using the water filter pitcher provides you with all the minerals your body needs to remain healthy. Will it not only improve your immune system but also keep your body free from diseases at the same time?

Should You Buy the Alkaline Water Pitcher from Lake Industries?

If you need an affordable, reliable, and quality water pitcher, the answer is yes. The fantastic part about the alkaline water jug is it has an excellent water filtration system made up of seven stages. With the purification of the filter cartridge, you can have clean water to drink in minutes.

The water will have a great taste and smell without impurities present. With alkaline water, it is free of radicals and the toxins are eliminated with a high negative ORP present. Furthermore, it increases the immune system and boosts your energy levels.

You can use water to make different beverages and use it to prepare healthy food to enhance the taste. To top it the entire product is environmentally friendly and safe to use.  Nothing comes easier to use than the Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher with its easy-to-fill lid and easy-pour spout.

However, if you do need something a bit bigger, you can also check our other water filter pitchers out!

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