Home Master TM Standard Reverse Osmosis System Review

Home Master TM Standard Reverse Osmosis System Review

Do you want to enjoy drinking fresh water right out of the tap at home? Make it possible with the Home Master TM Standard Reverse Osmosis System. The device you can install under your kitchen countertop. Alternatively, you can fix it close to a water feed or drain in the home. One thing that stands out with the water filtration system is the longevity offered to save you a load of money in the end.

Design of the Home Master TM Standard RO System

The water purification system from Perfect Water Technologies eliminates solids, chemicals, and metals so you to enjoy fresh water from the tap.

Home Master TM Standard Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
Home Master TM Standard Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

The product is NSF certified and offers you a steady water flow. The filters are built into the housing and only need changing annually. You can do this easily by disposing of the whole filter housing leading to less erosion and maintenance. On the other hand, the sieves have a high-grade construction to yield 3,900 gallons of fresh water.

Main Features

  • The feed water is 40 – 90 PSI with a temperature of 40 to 100°F
  • Has a modular filter design to make it easier to replace once a year
  • Removes solids, harmful chemicals, and metals from the water
  • The filter only needs changing every 3,900 gallons
  • You get everything included to make the installation a breeze
  • The water production is 50 GPD and has a water waste pure water ratio of 4:1
  • Include a five-year warranty

The carbon filter has a coconut shell catalytic carbon and filters the water down to 5 microns. Additionally, you save on costs with the one screen you need to replace compared to different ones. It has a powerful catalytic carbon filtration system to disinfect the water from chloramine.

With the membrane chamber, it optimizes water purification to minimize wastewater production giving you 50 gallons per day. The wastewater pure water ratio is 4:1 compared to the Home Master TM Ultra-ERP RO System reviewed by us here. Furthermore, you get everything you need for installing the unit and come with a five-year warranty.

What Can You Expect Using the TM Standard RO SYSTEM?

With high-quality filters, they are capable of removing most of the contaminants found in the water. As mentioned previously the filters remove easily, and you only need to slide in the new one. The modular filter design increases the filter longevity and does not accumulate contaminants making it weak.

Therefore, you will have fewer leaks, and both the filter and housing are disposable. The reverse osmosis system installs easily with the instruction manual. The best of all is you do not need plumbing experience to fit it under the sink. You can find instruction videos at the Home Masters site if you prefer not to read the manual.

Further, you get the purification unit assembled with all the filters in place. All you need to do is make the connection with the color-coded accessories.

What is in the box?

With the fully assembled unit, you also get the storage tank, ⅜-inch feed water adapter with shut off, filters, chrome faucet & adapter, TFC RO membrane, instructions, and the drain saddle.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Easy to install
  • Great performance
  • Awesome customer service with a warranty
  • Changing the filters simply with the modular design
  • Only need to replace the sieves once a year
  • Efficient at what it does
  • Has an excellent water production rate of up to 50 gallons per day

Why Not Buy

  • The faucet is small
  • The RO system is useful, but the wastewater ratio is 4:1 compared to other units with a 1:1 rating

Customer Feedback

Consumers found reading the manual of the Home Master TM Standard RO System easy but did notice that the reverse osmosis membrane leaked. One customer mentioned tightening every connection massively, and it stopped the leaks.

Customers also said that the water tastes great even if they did not buy the one that adds minerals back into the water. Furthermore, they love the fact that they do not have to replace different filters and only need to replace the unit once a year saving loads of money.

Final Thoughts

Do you have hard water that tastes bad? Get yourself the Home Master TM Standard Water Filtration that works with reverse osmosis. The product comes recommended by different users as it solves the problem and prevents scale buildup at the same time.

You can save on bottled water, repair water appliances, and have clean dishes at the same time. Further, you will be using less soap to clean those dirty pots. Check it out today and decide for yourself if it is worth buying.

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