Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener Review

Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener Review

Do you need an alternative to a water softener? If you do, you may like the Eddy Water Descaler Water Softener Reviewed here. It does the same thing but does it differently. The unit works with magnetic fields to remove hardness in water. However, if you do decide on using the device, it does not remove chemicals causing limescale buildup and only suspends it. What it does is soften the water for 48 hours.

Eddy Water Descaler Construction

The device is popular, but consumers have mixed reviews about the product. The electronic device works with coils around a pipe. Once it starts working, it produces electromagnetic waves that interact with the water. The magnetic field moves through the incoming water and according to the manufacturer prevents it from entering the home’s plumbing.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler
Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

The machine is small compared to other hard water systems and easy to install. However, it remains a quick and easy water-softening solution. The unit runs on five watts, and you do not need to add salt, filters, and more. Further, it is environmentally friendly, as it does not have brine wastage.

Main Features

  • The Eddy Water Descaler is not a permanent hard water solution, works with the magnetic field, and keeps water soft for up to 48 hours
  • Help reduce scale buildup when you use the system but does not work on lead or iron pipes
  • Comes with a year money-back guarantee
  • Works with households with a hardness level under 20 GPG
  • Made with an environmental design as it does not produce waste
  • Suitable for small families and not made for large homes
  • Simple to install with the unit, wires, mounting bracket, and AC adapter

You still get the calcium in the water as it does not eliminate the hard water minerals but only suspends them. Furthermore, you get a 100% money-back guarantee with a year warranty included.

What Does The Eddy Water Descaler Remove?

Surprisingly, the system adds or removes nothing to the water. Further, it does not alter the number of TDS found in the water at all. On the other hand, the product does not interact with the water as everything takes place with an electromagnetic field. All it does is imitate the softened water to prevent the build-up of limescale in the home’s pipes and taps. Alternatively, it removes nothing from the water still leaving you with essential nutrients the body needs.

What Can You Expect Using the Descaler?

What makes the system unique is the lifetime repair and replacement offered with the product. The supplier has excellent customer service if you ever are stuck and if you do have a breakage give them a call. Then again, do not expect a difference in how your skin feels or the soap you use in the dishwashing water. What it is good at is preventing maintenance on the plumbing and fixtures in your house.

What Is In The Box?

The contents supplied with the Eddy Water Descaler are simple. You get four wires and the Descaler without additional accessories, as you will not need it with the installation. You do not need detaching pipes and only need to connect them to the wall and coil the wires correctly around the pipeline. You get the mounting bracket with AC adapter included as well and made for installation indoors and not outdoors, as it is not waterproof.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • You get a free replacement if ever it breaks
  • Need no added substances such as a filter, salt, and more
  • All the minerals stay intact
  • Affordable to maintain
  • There are no plumbing changes
  • Works with the magnetic field to prevent nasty buildup for only 48 hours

Why Not Buy

  • You cannot install it outdoors
  • Does improve the water but you cannot feel the difference when washing or drinking it
  • Not recommended if you have a hardness water level above 20 GPG

Customer Feedback

When it comes to the Eddy Water Descaler reviews, the feelings are mixed and not all users found the product helpful. Consumers found the lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee a bonus. Users mentioned it works well in small homes with water hardness under 20 GPG. While some people advised, you need to place the magnets around the water supply pipes to prevent scale build-up from happening. The water remains hard, and there is no change in the taste.

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Final Thoughts

The Eddy Water Descaler has compact in size and lightweight making it easy to install. Further, it offers a low power usage of 110 volts and runs on 5 watts. If you have an average level of hard water, you can consider using the system, as it is inexpensive and easy to maintain.

However, if you do have annoying soap scum spots often, the system might not likely work. Alternatively, you can look at our top-rated system here for a better solution to your problem. Overall, it remains an excellent water-softening system suitable for an average household.

Try it out today and if it works great, let us know!

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