DRAGONN pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher Review

DRAGONN pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher Review:

To enhance your overall health when drinking water you need the best water filter to achieve these results. Now if you need a portable one to take anywhere nothing compares to the DRAGONN Alkaline water pitcher with a filter. With the decanter, you can purify tap water and make it healthier to drink. The item caters to your unique needs and comprises a slim design, is BPA-free, has an easy-to-fill lid with a pour spout and the filter cartridge lasts up to two months of use.

DRAGONN pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher - 3.5 Liters, Free Filter, 7 Stage Filtration System, Removes Lead, Chlorine, Copper and More
DRAGONN pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher – 3.5 Liters, Free Filter, 7 Stage Filtration System, Removes Lead, Chlorine, Copper and More

However, the list does not stop here when it comes to using this article.

DRAGONN pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher Review:

Do you have a small living space with a medium-sized refrigerator? Are you looking for the best water pitcher with a filter to fit in with your lifestyle? You may benefit from using the DRAGONN Alkaline Decanter. The carafe has a sleek construction to fit into the fridge door and takes up little space.

Furthermore, the filtration systems are affordable and provide you with all the benefits you need. With the water jug, you get instant filtered water,, and comes with a seven-stage cartridge comprising ion exchange resin, mineral balls, carbon, and a tourmaline filter.

Main Features

  • Provides you with instant filtered alkaline water and has a seven-stage filtration system
  • The filter removes heavy metals, chlorine, zinc, and pollutants, and remineralizes the water
  • Made with BPA-free construction and FDA approved
  • Comes with a free cartridge included
  • Slim design with easy-to-fill lid and pour spout
  • Comfortable handle with a filter change indicator found on the top
  • Has an anti-slip base with a one-gallon capacity
  • The filter lasts up to 60-days of use

The filter structure removes chlorine, metals, odors, zinc, and copper to provide you with a delicious alkaline drink. Your salty beverage, it helps remove radicals while eliminating toxins from the body. What’s more, it leaves you with a high Oxidation-Reduction Potential to increase your metabolism and improve the immune system. The product is environmentally friendly and economical to use, as you do not need to spend extra money on water bottles.

Another benefit is the articles are made of food grade and ABS material keeping them safe to utilize. Included is one natural stone and ceramic cartridge to help improve hydration in the body as it reduces the molecule size naturally.

The easy-fill lid helps to refill it with water without the need for removing the cover. There is an easy pour spout and the handles comfortable to hold. The filtration capacity is one–gallon, and you get filtered water on demand. The water pitcher has an efficient filter and lasts up to 60 days of use.

Compared to other water filters available in a pitcher design what more can you ask for when it increases the pH level as well? Also, to add to the benefits, the multi-stage filter is FDA-approved.

What Can You Expect Using the DRAGONN?

Primarily you will get a water filter carafe made of non-toxic material that is not harmful when used. With the ergonomic structure, you will not have problems when storing it in the fridge, and even looks great standing on the countertop. Besides, to top it all the multiple-layered filter cartridges remove most contaminants in the water.

Furthermore, it also softens the water making it easier for your body to absorb and the mineral balls remineralize the water making it more nutritional. Therefore, you can drink healthier, cleaner, and better-tasting water. One notable thing is not to forget to remove the sticker at the bottom of the cartridge before placing it in the water reservoir.

Another advantage is you get a digital timer/indicator on top of the lid informing you when it is time to replace the filter. For one person the water pitcher provides you with one gallon of filtered water throughout the day.

What Do You Get With Your Purchase

The DRAGONN has a stylish colored lid with a transparent body and anti-slip bottom. Included you get a free filter to get you started. Furthermore, the filter cartridges are freely available to buy online, and you will always have one available in stock to use.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Nothing comes easier to fill than the DRAGONN pitcher as you do not need to remove the cover
  • Has a large water reservoir for a family of two
  • Comes with a pour spout to prevent spills
  • The design is slim and fits in the fridge without taking up too much space
  • Gives you on-demand filtered water and the water tastes great
  • Very beneficial to use as the alkaline water eliminates toxins and increases pH levels to improve your immune system
  • Made with food-grade material and FDA approved
  • Well-designed with a durable structure and long-lasting filters
  • Equipped with a multi-stage filter cartridge to remove most impurities in the water
  • Provides the body with better hydration

Why Not Buy

  • The screens tend to clog, and you need to rinse them out to get them flowing again
  • Some minor complaints that the water leaks through the sides

Customer Feedback

Reading the DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher reviews leaves you with positive and negative feedback from consumers. Overall, users are pleased with the product, but the biggest complaint is that the water leaks around the filter.

The handle is sturdy, and according to users, it has a large capacity. While the filter change indicator is helpful, it only counts the days. Therefore, you need to make sure the reservoirs are empty before refilling as it may miscalculate the use. Another client felt DRAGONN could change the lid, as you need to lift it when refilling instead of it swinging downwards.

Is the DRAGONN Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher for You?

Whether you decide to buy the DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher or not you may be missing a great deal. You get a combination of fantastic features and benefits with the package. One thing’s for sure the product will provide you comfort and does what it claims to do.

The designs are attractive and with the comfortable handle and lid using the decanter is a breeze. The carafe fits comfortably in the refrigerator and takes up little space. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly and made of BPA-free materials approved by the FDA.

You get filtered and remineralized water that holds many health benefits for you. With alkaline water, you can improve your immune system and enhance your energy levels at the same time. While it has minor flaws, the drawbacks do not outweigh the positives mentioned.

Therefore, first, test your water and home for the impurities available and decide if the DRAGONN water filter pitchers are made for you.

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